Board SMW

Aaron Locher

Aaron Locher


Constantly strives for global dominion for the SMW­čĹĹ

  • Contact with D-MATL, Materials Alumni, other students associations
  • Representation of interests of the students towards the departement and ETH
  • DK
  • FR
  • UK
  • Materials Alumni Board
  • Planning & leading the board meetings
  • Coordination of SMW projects
Felix Wegm├╝ller

Felix Wegm├╝ller


Keeps the cash flowing­čôł

  • Drawing up the budget of the SMW
  • Monitoring and archiving of the income and expenses
Marguerite Babusiaux

Marguerite Babusiaux


Connects us within VSETH and with the department­čîÄ

  • Contact to the VSETH and other student associations
  • Representation of interests of the students towards the departement and ETH with the focus on “improvement of teaching”
  • UK
  • DK
  • MR
David Stahel

David Stahel

Kulti #1

Prevents that the SMW is left high and dry­čÄë

  • Organistion of various events, for example:
    • ESF
    • monthly Stamm
    • Exzess im Labor
    • Bergfest
  • Support of further events, that are co-organised or sponsored by the SMW
Fabian Kleiner

Fabian Kleiner

Kulti #2

See Kulti #1­čŹ╗

  • see Kulti #1
Horacio Keller

Horacio Keller


Supplies the SMW with chocolate bunnies and christmas sweets­čÄü

  • ETH-internal contact
  • Exchange of information between the SMW and the students
Tamino Michel

Tamino Michel


Makes sure that internal secrets are sold to Asia­čô×

  • Contact to ETH-external companies
  • Representation of the SMW
  • Sponsoring
  • Company visits
Liv H├Ąusler

Liv H├Ąusler


Administers this website and the ominous document collection­čĺ╗

  • Administration of the SMW homepage
  • Keeping the document collection, the newsletter service, picture gallery, company list and general information up-to-date
  • Administration of email accounts
  • Maintenance of the IT-infrastructure
  • Contact to IT-responsibles at ETH
Alexandre Nozadze

Alexandre Nozadze

Editor in Chief - the Materialist

Writes about the latest gossip in the departement and materials science­čô░

  • Organisation of the editor team
  • Writing for the materialist


First Semester Representative

Interested in joining the boards dinner?

  • Contact between the SMW and the freshmen
  • Writing protocols during board meetings


Semester Speakers

Ira Schweizer 1st year
Leon Brunella 2nd year
Leonardo Del Gaudio 3rd year
Lukas Heer,
Laura Windlin


Study Commission (

Varsikan Kirupakaramoorthy 1st year
Dominik Kasper 2nd year
Phillip Zenger 3rd year
Y Vi Thach,
Lucas Catellani

Council of Members (

Nicolas Zuberb├╝hler Representative
Lukas Heer Representative
Florent Liechti Deputy
Christian Mohr Deputy