Help Center

Are you just feeling down? Do you suffer from severe exam anxiety? Or is it not going well with your family right now? Do you feel lonely?

In general, talking about your problems can help. Whether it is with friends about exam anxiety or with family about loneliness, talking to people you trust can be very relieving. Maybe they feel the same as you or have experienced something similar and can give you tips on how to deal with this situation.

Have you already tried this and it hasn’t helped? Or do you have no one to talk to about those things? Do you feel like you are just burdening your loved ones? Then don’t hesitate to get help from other places!


You can call 044 633 77 77 during the semester from 8:00 PM to midnight. Trained people will listen to all the thoughts you might have late at night – exam stress, loneliness, sleep disorders, etc.

Psychological Counseling Service:

Whether it’s overburdening at university or difficult times in general, anyone who can no longer cope with everyday life can get professional help here.

Student Services:

You can go here if you need help organizing your studies or if you have health problems or disabilities. Such a limitation is burdensome enough, so administration should not pose an additional hurdle.

Is it getting really critical?

Then you can contact +41 44 255 52 80 (emergency psychiatry of the USZ), +41 44 296 73 10 (crisis intervention of the Psychiatric University Clinic), or 0800 33 66 55 (doctor’s phone).

Nothing here sounds right?

There are many more support services available under this link.