Your presence at the SMW!

We offer various possibilities for you to leave a lasting, positive impression as a potential employer or service provider to the students of materials science:

  • Offering jobs & internships on the homepage or in our magazine: “the materialist”
  • Advertisements and reports in our magazine
  • Company visits
  • Realisation of own information events
  • Sponsorship of events
  • Online advertising

If you would like to place an advertisement on the Job Pinboard, we ask you to answer the following questions. You can use this email template to contact us directly.

  • What kind of employment is it? (Internship, permanent position)
  • What’s the subject?
  • How long does the employment last? In what period of time can it take place?
  • Where does the employment take place?
  • Is it a paid position?
  • Your own flyers are also welcome

If you don’t specify in more detail in your email with the job advertisement, the ad will stay on our pinboard for three months.
We are looking forward to a constructive cooperation and thank you very much for your interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (online form)!